Yoga CARE Telesummit 2017

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photo by Angela Clark

The Yoga CARE Pre-Conference FREE Telesummit Includes interviews with Sarahjoy Marsh of the DAYA Foundation, and key leaders in the field of yoga, mind-body medicine, social justice, and corrections. The aim of the Yoga CARE Pre-Conference Telesummit Interviews is to elevate awareness and develop resources for individuals and communities, and social justice.

Please see below for detailed information on Telesummit Presenters and the dates their FREE videos will go live.


Pre-CARE Conference
FREE Telesummit Interview Presenters
with Sarahjoy Marsh of DAYA Foundation

February 13 Carol Horton
February 20 Michael Huggins
February 27 Vanessa Timmons
March 6 Rosa Vissers
March 10 Andrew Tanner
March 13 Chris Conairis
March 20 Blair Bobier
March 27 Hala Khouri
March 30 Michael Sapiro
March 31 RW Alves
April 3 Beth Berila
April 10 Geoff Sittler

February 13 - April 10, 2017


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These are our Telesummit Presenters:

Sarahjoy Marsh, DAYA Foundation  ·  Carol Horton, Yoga Service Council  ·  Rosa Vissers, Yoga Behind Bars  ·  Hala Khouri, Off the Mat, Into the World  ·  Mike Huggins, Transformation Yoga Project  ·  Blair Bobier, Pacific Green Party  ·  Vanessa Timmons, Oregon Coalition Against Domestic Violence  ·  Andrew Tanner, Yoga Alliance  ·  Beth Berila, Yoga and Body Image Coalition  ·  Chris Conairis  ·  Geoff Sittler, Oregon MindBody Medicine  ·  Michael Sapiro, Maitri House Yoga, LLC & the Institute of Noetic Sciences  ·  and more

For more information on each Presenter, click here...

Read more on "Why Yoga & Social Justice?".

Read Sarahjoy's blog "The Bhagavad Gita as Social Justice Inspiration" (This year’s Conference Theme)

"I just finished listening to your conversation with Carol Horton. The words about political action, networking communities, your framework for a balanced life, the reminder of not being attached to the outcomes…all spoke to me. Definitely worth a replay. " ~Thanks, Linda